Roof Lawyers and Roofing Insurance don't get caught slipping

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Roofing attorneys that you can have on retainer, and you can ask any question under the sun think about what you could do with that information think about the power that you could have. What if you could ask the attorney anything? You have questions. Have you gotten your contracts checked? There is so much that you could be missing.

What is an Assignment of Benefits

Assignment of benefits: An arrangement by which a patient requests that their health benefit payments be made directly to a designated person or facility, such as a physician or hospital. BUUUUT What if a ROOFER DOES THE SAME???????


Ask the lawyer. But what if you put it into your contract?

Overhead and Profit (Something else to ask the Lawyers)

Talk to Charlie about GoSmallBiz if at all Interested

Noncompetes ~ New hire packets ~ Lawyer Retainers

Roofing Insurance (Phone # below)

Jeff Lampert
Phone: (305) 423-0350

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