Roofing Training at its best

Disturbing the Roofing Industry

I spent so many hours going through her roof sales Mastery course in YouTube videos. She is a beast. You need to stop open up a new browser and find her on YouTube and start going through those videos.

Get your iPhone/iPad to read to you...

Once I realized that I could have my phone read to me, it opened up an unlimited amount of Education that I could get from the palm of my hand. I don’t like to read but I love to get the information, and I love having something that I can hold in my hand that will read whatever I need to get through.

Door2Door Mastery (not roofing sales but it works)

Door to door mastery is more of a crash course into knocking on doors. This program is not as expensive as the other one, but this is where I started. It is more engineered for people that are making alarm sales, but to me, a sell is a sell.

I'm not here to hold your damn hand buttercup (Written by Joe)

In this video, I found a case study of a roofing company this might open your eyes to some of the ways to be able to get more cells in your roofing business. Financing opens up a whole new Avenue of customers it also is it more accessible way to collect deductibles.

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