Keeping Organized

Google Drive and Joist and a roofer's best friend

Joist is such an easy way to be able to do estimates once you set it up it makes it, so you look so much more professional than everyone else. The best part about joist is when you email the customer the estimate there will be an email notification notifying you when they check the estimate.


Google Drive is the best and easiest way to do Roofing Estimates

With Google Drive you can keep track of everything in your business, all the pictures all the pictures of the checks all the images of the Scopes that way God forbid you lose something you have a backup.


Introducing Genius Scan (for Apple and Android)

Putting stuff into google drive from Genius Scan

Input a Lead into Spotio

The thing about these websites is they have satellite views of all of the roofing Dimensions that way you know for a fact that you’re right. To me knowing that being a roofer is the fifth most dangerous job on Earth I don’t want to measure roofs that are steep or dangerous to walk on. I’d rather pay and not worry.

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