Accelerate your Roofing Sells!!!


When I first started going door-to-door, I got so lucky by finding Spotio. It has been my number one key to being able to keep track of neighborhoods and areas where I need to keep going back and finding more houses to build.

Spotio Statuses Fields and Pins

This video is a step-by-step training of how I have my Spotio account setup.

Putting the Hail into Spotio from Hail Recon

To me, I look at hail Recon like it’s costly so what if I have a terrible year what if I don’t want to keep up with the payments of Hell Recon what I did is I took my hail Recon maps and overlaid them into Spotio here is a step-by-step course.

Don't EVER let another man/woman own your leads!

Procrastination, kill the Demon Inside YOU!!!!!

LastPass, keep track of passwords

Back in like 2011, I started using LastPass to keep track of every password

MileIQ for Uncle Sam

Apple Work Toolbox

Android Phone Toolbox

Grammarly because I can't Spell S***


Social Book Post Manager

Textra for scheduling your text messages

One Logo (Make a Logo for your new business)

A Rant about Google

These are just motivation!!!

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